Recent Classes

The Art of Teaching math staff are available to teach a wide variety of math classes.  We teach material from traditional curriculum as well as a variety of other curriculum.  Recent classes are listed below, though these are just a sampling of what we offer.  If you have an idea for a math class that you’d like to take, then please propose the class!

Elementary Multiplication Review

starts with one-digit multiplication.  Various ways to look at the meaning of multiplication and ways to memorize these basics.  The class continues with two-digit multiplication including at least four different ways to multiply.  Students learn the advantages, disadvantages, and long-term use of each method.  Finally, we expand these techniques to include a wider variety of multiplication involving fractions and variables.

Middle School Problem Solving Math

samples challenging middle school math using creative problem solving.  Students develop their own individual thinking processes, flexibility of thought, and communication skills.  This class focuses on solution ideas and implementation with problems from MOEMS and AMC8 as well as general mind puzzles.

Elementary Problem Solving Math

samples elementary math using creative problem solving.  The problems are difficult and designed to encourage creativity and development of a child’s own thinking process.  Growth of each student’s own knowledge is emphasized rather than competition with others.  Some of the problems will be from MOEMSKhan Academy is a good supplement to this class.