Early Math: Shapes

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Early Math: Shapes

This is part of a series of Early Math lessons using the Orange Miquon Math Book.  The focus of this lesson is on shapes. The lessons consists of a series of early math shapes activities to choose from followed by the related pages in the Miquon Math book.  You can choose activities below to combine together for a one hour class for 1st grade level math.

This is one of a series of Early Math lessons using the Miquon Math series of books.

Activity: Read aloud Math All Around. Shapes in Transportation by Jennifer Rozines Roy and Gregory Roy.  This is a short book about seeing shapes in real life while traveling in a car.  It’s interesting, matter-of-fact, real-life, and to-the point.  Afterward, ask the kids to share where they see shapes in real life.  Encourage their participation.

Activity: Run the Celebrity Shapes Free Program to show kids more ways to relate to shapes.  After viewing each shape, ask the kids what uses they would list for each shape. Goofy and creative answers are encouraged.

Activity: Introduce the cut-out  Tangrams shapes as a toy. Print out a few activity cards for the kids to follow or let them play with the shapes in their own way.

Bookwork: Geometric Recognition, Orange Miquon Math Book pages S1-S4.